Growing up in a remote area in the Austrian Alps Florian Divi (Divitschek) spent most of his childhood years exploring forests, playing at rivers and hiking mountains.

After attending music school he moved on to Graz/Austria attending the HTBLVA Ortweinschule, a high school focusing on visual arts. His solid artistic foundation was set by professor and artist Ingolf Schaufler who became his biggest influence. Schaufler taught him the concept and understanding of Gestalt and the effect of color. Graz was also the place where Florian made first contact with martial arts and Eastern philosophy.

Vienna | Austria

After finishing high school he continued his studies of art & perception at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna/Austria under the guidance of Christian Ludwig ATTERSEE specializing in fine art/oil painting.

During his years of academic studies Florian travelled extensively to experience different mindsets in the world first hand. He wanted to understand how they are created not only by different family backgrounds and upbringings, but how mindsets also shift from geography to geography and from culture to culture.

Tokyo | Japan

Combining his interest of art, eastern culture & philosophy he was granted a Monbukagakusho Scholarship in 2006 by the Japanese government allowing him to study Traditional Japanese Painting (jap. Nihonga; 日本画) at Geidai (芸大) Tokyo University of the Arts (jap. 東京藝術大学) under the mentorship of professor SEKI Izuru.

Mindfulness & Art of Perception

After two years of research in Tokyo Florian moved back to Austria where he got himself intensively involved into Tai chi, an internal Chinese martial art practice training under Dr. Xiaoqiu LI. One of the core practices was to bring stillness of the mind into continuous movement of the body while keeping attention focused and unbroken.

Florian also started to teach a workshop series called „The Art of Perception“ where he educates his students about how we as human beings perceive and project visual reality in almost every single moment. Using mindfulness techniques and carefully guided awareness he helps them to become more aware of their own projections and shows them how to let those projections go.

Prague | Czech Republik

Moving to Prague he joined a dance performance group led by dancer and choreographer Mirka Papajiková. He now explores the world of contact improvisation, modern dance and acrobatics learning how to initiate conscious contact through the human body applying previously learned teachings and gained experiences.

Trauma, Shadow & Tibetan Dream Yoga

Driven to deepen his knowledge of perception Florian became more and more interested into the „unseen“ and/or rejected aspects of human life, what we do hide from ourself and others, personally and culturally, and what generally is referred to as trauma and/or as shadow in Jungian terms. He began to experiment with different states of consciousness through the teachings of Tibetan dream yoga which finally led him to train under Charlie Morley, a lucid dreaming and mindfulness teacher based in London/UK.

Florian is currently part of the Lucid Dreaming CPD (Continuing Professional Development) facilitator training, the first of its kind worldwide, under the supervision of Charlie Morley.

Artistic Intention

Inspired by the possibilities of dream yoga Florians plans to inform his creative work through different states of consciousnesses like the dream state. Leading by his own example he wants to show how everybody can initiate, connect and cultivate a dialogue with their own subconscious on a more conscious level.

To get a taste of his dream yoga practice and current art project please see his ongoing project „Reality Checks“ which you can follow on instagram.



2006年 2008年 東京芸術大学 大学院修士課程日本画専攻 関出教授
2005年 ウィーン応用美術大学 美術 優秀成績にて卒業 Christian Ludwig ATTERSEE教授
1982年 オーストリア生まれ

DIVI® Mag.art. Florian DIVITSCHEK

2006-2008  Monbukagakusho (Japanese Government) Scholarship, Traditional Japanese Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts, professor SEKI Izuru
2005  MA Fine Arts, graduated with distinction, University of Applied Arts Vienna, professor Christian Ludwig ATTERSEE
1982  born in Austria

ДИВИ® Магистр искусства Флориан Дивичек

2006-2008 Стипендия Монбукагакушо (стипендия японского министерство образования, искусства, науки и технологии); традиционная японская живопись, унивеситет искусства города Токио, профессор Секи Изуру
2005 магистр изобразительного искусства, диплом с наградой; Венский университет прикладного искусства, профессор Кристиан Лудвиг Аттерзе
1982 родилься в Автрии

Seeing life with new eyes,
peeking in between cultures.
What connects different worlds,
what connects you and me?


Beatriz Inglessis / Paper Works & Japanese Woodcut Printing

Michael Wegerer / Visual Artist based in Vienna

Christoph Grill / Photographer with main focus on former Soviet Union

Phil Divi / Design & Product Development based in Vienna

Adam Booth / Japanese Painting & Art Director at Teamlab in Tokyo

Martin Croce / Still Life Photographer based in Vienna

Jun-Pierre Shiozawa / Watercolor Paintings and Summer School Classes at the Aegean Center For The Fine Arts in Paros/Greece

Hans Hochstöger / Portrait Photography with a strong connection to Turkey

Rosa Roedelius / Sculptor based in Vienna

Christoph Leitner / Interaction & Screen Design at Wesolutions based in Graz/Austria

Ryo Nishikawa / Japanese Painting and Painting Classes in Japan

Nikolai Friedrich / Outdoor-Anthropology-Development based in Vienna

Claudius Schulze / Documentary Photographer based in Germany

Ai Yoshida / Japanese Painting & Ink Drawings

Alexander Schreilechner / Metal Works and Sculptures made in Austria

Stefan Lirsch / Certified Forest-Pedagogic & Systematic-Outdoor-Coaching

Ayana Otake / PhD of Japanese Painting