Happy Birthday Joe Medicine Crow

Happy Birthday Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow! Today, 27th of October 2013 is his 100th Birthday. Congratulation!

Back in summer 2011 I was visiting Dr. Joe Medicine Crow High Bird in his home in Lodge Grass (Montana/USA) where we had a very interesting conversation about his life. Despite his age Dr. Joe Medicine Crow was very agile, showed a clear mind and a great sence of humour. We even drove up to the Little Bighorn Battlefield National monument where he explained me in detail the Crow tribe view on what had happened on June 25th 1876 (which is a bit different that the one you will find on Wikipedia … ).

Here is a two minutes short teaser of the edited 11min long audio recordingBattle of Little Bighorn” with Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow:

Joseph Medicine Crow – Battle of Little Bighorn – Teaser from Florian DIVI on Vimeo.


[…] and when they hit the river, shoot at the man in front. He is a leader. He’s been leading the charge. Shoot at him, kill him. Right away if we can. And the man next to him was the bugler, he gives the order. So this general to his soldiers back there. Kill him so there will be no communication. And they follow that flag. Follow the, shoot that flag man too. Kill the flag man. The flag is gone and they are all confused. They usually follow that flag blindly. So kill these three as soon as possible. […] So where this general was to go to clean up on the whole Indian camp, leading the charge – eeh I am telling you, hit the river and they got him right there. […] And the front end of the battalion turned around and become the rear end. Custer was at the rear end then. And the rear end people were heading for that hill, so-called Custer’s Hill, Custer’s Hill, Last Stand Hill they call him. Historians call it Custer’s Last Stand. It was really his last fight. It was the last stand of Sitting Bull. […] And the Cheyenne – this brave that used to stay with us – says that was a tragedy – it was not a battle. It was just like a bunch of kids killing themselves, killing each other, kinda ashamed to call it a battle. We don’t like to talk about it which they don’t. It was not a fight. It was just over in no time. […]

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Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow is the last war chief of the Crow tribe and the last remaining war chief of the Plains Indians. 2009 he was honoured by US president Barack Obama with the presidential medal of freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States.

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Exhibition, e-book (in German) and more about modern life of the Crow Native American are soon to follow. Stay tuned!


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