Innocent Murals

July 26th, 2012


Libby, Montana, USA

Colville, Washington, USA


Crow Agency, CROW NATION

Libby, Montana, USA

Billings, Montana, USA


Sedro-Woolley, Washington, USA

Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia, RUSSIA



Hamburg, GERMANY

Seattle, Washington, USA



Tehran, IRAN


Hamburg, GERMANY

Butte, Montana, USA

Vancouver, Brithish Columbia, CANADA



Pink Satisfaction

September 22nd, 2011

“For the woman to be charming in the future.”
Shibuya, Japan 日本・渋谷

“三のひ一人ぼっち”  (Mitsu no hitoribotchi)
Odaiba, Japan 日本・お台場

“ガス台ちゃん、おはよう。”  (Gasudai-chan, O´hayou!)
Odaiba, Japan 日本・お台場


“二丁目Sozai”  (2chomeSozai)
Kichijouji, Japan 日本・吉祥寺


“Mantis in the Sky”
Hong Kong Island 香港島

“晩ご飯は焼きたて漢字!”  (Bangohan wa yakitate Kanji!)
Kowloon, Hong Kong Island 香港島・九龍


“道を歩く”  (Den Weg gehen …)
Japan 日本





Home Sweet Home –
Chosen Boundaries & Forced Freedom

July 31st, 2011

Welcome to your new Home Sweet Home!

uper left: As-Salāmu `Alaykum! You came from far away to work in this country.
uper right: Välkommen! You came from far away to study in this country.
left: Ka-Hay! You have been living fo a very long time in this country, but then you lost it to someone else.


This is your new house – it is neat and offers you all you need for daily living.
uper left: It is located in a fortified compound where you have to pass several security checks to enter the neighborhood.
uper right: It is located on an abandoned street right next to some railway tracks. You are free to walk wherever you want to go.
left: It is moveable. You do not walk too much – you drive.


upper left: The country is very hot, but you will spent most of the time in air conditioned buildings and cars. Nobody would walk outside.
upper right: The country is very cold, but the houses are colorful and people would spent a lot of time to design their houses and rooms.
The country is very hot and cold, but sometimes you would use parts of the outside walls for heating or you jump into the river for cooling down.


upper left: You don’t want to see your neighbors too often because you are working with them in the same company all day long.
upper right: Your neighbors are from all over the world and are eager to meet you too.
Your neighbours are very often your relatives. An extended family is very important to you.


upper left: If you want to enjoy yourself you are going to the community pool or the gym. Or to the only but famous lounge in the city where they serve cigars and non-alcoholic drinks.
upper right: If you want to enjoy yourself there are plenty of options available to you. Mostly you will get drunk and have a good time with your friends.
left: If you want to enjoy yourself you step into your car, meet some friends and drive around the land all day long.

upper left: Or you play tennis, but the heat during the day is killing you. So you have to wait till evening when the air cools down. You maybe find some friends willing to drive with you in a convoy into the beautiful dessert to have a pick nick.
upper right: Or you will go to the archipelago for swimming with your friends or hike the wonderful forest nearby.
Or you train basketball. It is one way of becoming a respected member of your tribe.


upper left: Sometimes you would wonder, if not speaking to the opposite gender for a very long time would change your personality?
upper right: Sometimes you would wonder, if a night without darkness or a day without light would change your personality over time?
left: Sometimes you would wonder, if sharing all your belongings and having very little privacy would change your personality over time?


upper left: When you will return to your country you will most likely have improved the defense system in your guest country.
upper right: When you will return to your country you will have obtained a degree and most likely will improve the living conditions and economy in your home country. Farväl!
left: When your country will be returned to you you will hold a ceremony for the land, your ancestors and your tribe. Aho!

The Unspoken Emptiness – Part I

March 27th, 2011

Once upon a time,

in a land, far far away, across mountains and rivers,

there was a kingdom,

made of steel, glass, concrete,

and ice.

A rich and beautiful country,

but it was so cold, that the children couldn’t play outside,

and the people had to live

deep underground.

Everybody felt that there was something missing in this land, but no one in the country could name it.

So a brave group of people, young and old, went to the palace of their beloved queen.

They expressed to the queen their feeling of emptiness inside their hearts which had loomed over the country for so long. Even though the queen had a skin like ice, her heart was not, and she listened carefully.

Then, after the queen had looked deep inside herself, she discovered the same feeling her people folks were suffering, she gave orders to search for that which was missing, which no one had seen before.

To be continued…  “The Unspoken Emptiness Part II”

The Unspoken Emptiness – Part II

March 26th, 2011

All over the country they installed cameras to catch it,

erected lanterns to light it,

patrolled roads and rivers,

searched day



They even searched the sky, but with no success to find the unnamed unseen.

But then, the queen decided to search deep under the earth where no one had gone before.

Suddenly, miles under the ground they found a small entrance to

a shining cave.

They beheld an old blind man sitting silently in his cave, accompanied by a small dragon. They asked him for advice and he replied: „I also have not seen, what no one has seen before. But my dragon has harvested some of the most beautiful crystals living down in this deep. Bring them to the surface and let touch them the ground!“ The people bowed and thanked him, took the crystals and went back to the surface.

Following the old man’s advice they took a crystal, choosing a blue one and touched the ground – they couldn’t believe the change it made!

Then they picked a red one, touching heedfully stone by stone and piece by piece.

It didn’t take long until all the colorful crystals were in use by many hands!

They were passed on through the whole country. And the emptiness, which was felt before inside the peoples’ hearts, was filled with the joy and through the act of painting & sharing.

The End.

The Forbidden Kingdom

November 27th, 2010

asdfIn October 2010 I had the rare opportunity to travel to a closed country, which currently does not allow any tourists at all, but still has several millions of pilgrims every year  –
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“Three Kings”
: founder of the state and father of all kings – King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud;  Right: current King Abdullah; Left: Crown Prince Sultan.
The display or recording of pictures in the kingdom is a very sensitive theme. Accepted are for example portraits from the Royal Family, which can be found in hotel lobbies, on banknotes or newspapers.

“Living in a fortified compound”
Several security checks have to be passed to enter the gated community.

Because of high temperatures up to 50°C in summertime, windows are built small to keep the heat outside.
To allow light into the building, the architecture works with indirect sunlight through shafts.

“Stairway to …?”
Around the compound a trail with artificial waterfalls and small hills was constructed for residents.
For non-heat resistant walkers the trail is also illuminated throughout the night.

A newly constructed mountainous road leads up a high plateau to Ta’if.

Unbelievable but true – a green KSA
The wooden balcony serves as an “exterior” shower, where water can drop down easily but no one outside will be able to watch.
This small mountain village is located near the Yemeni boarder in the very south of the kingdom.

“Candy Mountains”
On places of particularly beauty small cabins are constructed to offer privacy and protection agains heat and wind.

“Enjoying the beach of Jeddah”
One possible meaning of the city’s name, Jeddah, is “Grandmother” since it is said that Eve was buried there.
After pilgrims prayed to the assumed grave it was paved over in 1975, so the islamic monotheistic article of faith would not be violated again by anyone.

“Finger of God”

Brief Glimpse Inside Iran

November 26th, 2010

Left: Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran. Right: Ayatollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran

These two men will accompany you in everyday public Persian Life. Huge paintings, several meters high and drawn by hand, can be found on walls of high propaganda effect.
By contrast advertisements of consumer products are only found in the very north of Tehran تهران, where “The Bold and the Beautiful” live.

Potentially active volcano Damavand ‎ lies about 70km northeast from the capitol, Tehran, and is the highest peak in the Middle East with an elevation of about 5600m.
Since the capitol suffers severe air pollution – unfortunatelly one of the highest in world – the volcano can’t be seen very often. Actually in winter 2010 the government had to declare several holidays due to massive smog. Maybe the “Qasedak-e Nasir” – the countries first electric car – developed by a team from the Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology, will help to improve the situation.

“Salam Kitty” – Many cities in Iran are booming despite economic embargo. Prices for land or properties have sky-rocketed and can easily keep up with price levels of an European city like Vienna or Paris.

Generally reception of satellite TV is not allowed. In 2007 the state launched its first English news sender PressTV, available via 14 satellites around the globe.

By injecting color into eggs prior to hatching, birds are colorized.

Gorgeous nature around volcano Sabalan is pretty untouched – so far

Right now a skiing area is being built with major support of a Swiss company, hotel resorts spring up overnight for Iranian tourists visiting natural thermol spas, and a factory bottles fresh spring water for the thirsty. The lack of environmental protection has decorated the surroundings with thousands of thrown away plastic bags and bottles. To raise ecological awareness in Iran, Dr. H. Ostad Ahmad Ghorabi from the Technical University Vienna published a book called “A New Approach in Design – Sustainable Product Development and Ecodesign” for which I did the cover-design. It is the first book about environmentalism available in Farsi language (Jahade Daneshgahi Publications, Teheran, 2008, ISBN 978-964-2940-29-5, 192 Pages).

Green room of faith.

A “Mobile ATM”. There are even handy “drive-in banks”, saving trouble finding a parking space in the always overcrowded megacity.

A Pro-Palestine wallpainting.

Ancient water garden Bagh-e Fin in Kashan. Fountains and circulated pools are constructed without any help of a mechanical pump system.

A historic caravanserai near lake namak – a salt lake in the west of desert Dasht-e Kavir.

Water garden Bagh-e Fin in Kashan.

Persian people love to shoot movies like no other nation (Japanese people do photographs!), and to enjoy themselves having a picnic with their family and friends. They meet in beautiful gardens sitting under a shade-giving tree, or even in the middle of a highway on the very thin grass strip.

The Caucasus Experience

November 25th, 2010

Castle Ananuri, Georgian Military Road, Georgia საქართველო

Being one of the oldest christian countries in the world, Georgia feels like a time machine. Christianity still openly lived, people cross oneself even sitting in a Marshrutka passing by a church.

“Never Hide” – Beach of Batumi, Georgia

Georgia offers a fantastic diversity like a miniaturized Europe.  Within the bounds of possibility to swim one day at black sea, and the other day to ski in Greater Caucasus.
Because of its enclosed valleys it holds many endemic plants and animals. The WWF considers Georgia one of the most important ecoregions of the world.

Tbilisi თბილისი, Georgia

All the countries located in Caucasus – Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia & Turkey, have their complete own writing system, making it a challenge to find the right street, train or accommodation you are looking for.

Tbilisi თბილისი, Georgia

At the open house art-festival people were free to walk inside participating Georgian houses. You could join artist during performances, get an inside-look into wooden architecture and a taste of a normal Georgian living.

Soviet Monument to Russo-Georgian Friendship, Georgian Military Road, Georgia

Monument of Sasuntsi Davit, train station Yerevan Երևան, Armenia Հայաստան

Village somewhere between Georgia and Armenia, Lesser Caucasus

Monument to the 50th anniversary of Soviet Armenia, Dilijan Դիլիջան, Armenia

“Mikrokosmos-Mobil” – Armenia

Enjoying clear and reduced design language in an post-Soviet country, Armenia

Nizami Museum of Azerbaijan Literature, Baku Bakı, Azerbaijan Azərbaycan

Mud volcano, Gobustan, Azerbaijan

Ancient village Kandovan ‏کندوان Iran

Some of the houses at least 700 years old and still inhabited, Kandovan is a fantastic scenic spot. Buses of tourist drive all the way up, releasing herds of tourist walking small pathways between the troglodyte dwellings. The roof of one house is often the working space for the above living citizen.

Bridge over salt lake Urmia دریاچه ارومیه Iran

Tabriz تبریز Iran

Tabriz is a buzzing city in the North of Iran. The local people speak Azari, a dialect belonging to the Turkic language mostly spoken in Azerbaijan.
In Tabriz you will find the largest covered Bazaar in the world, and in my opinion one of the most beautiful the orient has to offer! In July 2010 the Bazaar was declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.