The Caucasus Experience

Castle Ananuri, Georgian Military Road, Georgia საქართველო

Being one of the oldest christian countries in the world, Georgia feels like a time machine. Christianity still openly lived, people cross oneself even sitting in a Marshrutka passing by a church.

“Never Hide” – Beach of Batumi, Georgia

Georgia offers a fantastic diversity like a miniaturized Europe.  Within the bounds of possibility to swim one day at black sea, and the other day to ski in Greater Caucasus.
Because of its enclosed valleys it holds many endemic plants and animals. The WWF considers Georgia one of the most important ecoregions of the world.

Tbilisi თბილისი, Georgia

All the countries located in Caucasus – Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia & Turkey, have their complete own writing system, making it a challenge to find the right street, train or accommodation you are looking for.

Tbilisi თბილისი, Georgia

At the open house art-festival people were free to walk inside participating Georgian houses. You could join artist during performances, get an inside-look into wooden architecture and a taste of a normal Georgian living.

Soviet Monument to Russo-Georgian Friendship, Georgian Military Road, Georgia

Monument of Sasuntsi Davit, train station Yerevan Երևան, Armenia Հայաստան

Village somewhere between Georgia and Armenia, Lesser Caucasus

Monument to the 50th anniversary of Soviet Armenia, Dilijan Դիլիջան, Armenia

“Mikrokosmos-Mobil” – Armenia

Enjoying clear and reduced design language in an post-Soviet country, Armenia

Nizami Museum of Azerbaijan Literature, Baku Bakı, Azerbaijan Azərbaycan

Mud volcano, Gobustan, Azerbaijan

Ancient village Kandovan ‏کندوان Iran

Some of the houses at least 700 years old and still inhabited, Kandovan is a fantastic scenic spot. Buses of tourist drive all the way up, releasing herds of tourist walking small pathways between the troglodyte dwellings. The roof of one house is often the working space for the above living citizen.

Bridge over salt lake Urmia دریاچه ارومیه Iran

Tabriz تبریز Iran

Tabriz is a buzzing city in the North of Iran. The local people speak Azari, a dialect belonging to the Turkic language mostly spoken in Azerbaijan.
In Tabriz you will find the largest covered Bazaar in the world, and in my opinion one of the most beautiful the orient has to offer! In July 2010 the Bazaar was declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

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