The Unspoken Emptiness – Part I

Once upon a time,

in a land, far far away, across mountains and rivers,

there was a kingdom,

made of steel, glass, concrete,

and ice.

A rich and beautiful country,

but it was so cold, that the children couldn’t play outside,

and the people had to live

deep underground.

Everybody felt that there was something missing in this land, but no one in the country could name it.

So a brave group of people, young and old, went to the palace of their beloved queen.

They expressed to the queen their feeling of emptiness inside their hearts which had loomed over the country for so long. Even though the queen had a skin like ice, her heart was not, and she listened carefully.

Then, after the queen had looked deep inside herself, she discovered the same feeling her people folks were suffering, she gave orders to search for that which was missing, which no one had seen before.

To be continued…  “The Unspoken Emptiness Part II”

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