The Unspoken Emptiness – Part II

All over the country they installed cameras to catch it,

erected lanterns to light it,

patrolled roads and rivers,

searched day



They even searched the sky, but with no success to find the unnamed unseen.

But then, the queen decided to search deep under the earth where no one had gone before.

Suddenly, miles under the ground they found a small entrance to

a shining cave.

They beheld an old blind man sitting silently in his cave, accompanied by a small dragon. They asked him for advice and he replied: „I also have not seen, what no one has seen before. But my dragon has harvested some of the most beautiful crystals living down in this deep. Bring them to the surface and let touch them the ground!“ The people bowed and thanked him, took the crystals and went back to the surface.

Following the old man’s advice they took a crystal, choosing a blue one and touched the ground – they couldn’t believe the change it made!

Then they picked a red one, touching heedfully stone by stone and piece by piece.

It didn’t take long until all the colorful crystals were in use by many hands!

They were passed on through the whole country. And the emptiness, which was felt before inside the peoples’ hearts, was filled with the joy and through the act of painting & sharing.

The End.

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